How it works

Consumers download the Tokken app and link their bank accounts or credit or debit cards. Then, they use the Tokken mobile wallet at participating retailers. At the point-of-sale, money is transferred from the consumer’s chosen payment account, into the Tokken system. The transaction is recorded on Tokken’s indelible ledger, and the balance is issued to the retailer. Retailers can then use Tokken to pay bills or other suppliers, or transfer their dollar balance from Tokken to their bank.

Preventing fraud, money laundering, drug trafficking and other illicit activities remain critical functions for institutions of trust. Disrupting these activities begins with a robust data asset and a full-spectrum analytical platform built with modern technological and investigative principles.

Our approach enables productized, insight generation and exploratory investigations to be conducted in real-time using automated triggers and triage protocols brought together with advanced intelligence analytical tools.

Tokken’s Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC/KAC) platform unites best practices from the US Intelligence Community and leading financial institutions for storage, analysis and disposition of alerts derived from structured, unstructured, and semistructured data sources. Tokken leverages open source and proprietary data feeds to build a fully contextualized user dossiers that inform our 100-point risk model.


Our History

Founded by a federal bank regulator in 2016, Tokken assists payments companies and banks in extending services to previously inaccessible high-risk businesses as well as to participate in newly emergent markets.

Stringent regulations impose a compliance burden and disincentivize Financial Institutions from extending services to businesses in emergent industries. As a result, law-abiding business owners are unable to obtain comprehensive financial services and are forced to find creative ways to access banking.

Tokken solves this problem by streamlining compliance using cutting-edge technologies and automated risk-management techniques. Tokken mitigates risk by creating a virtual filter to cash or digital transaction, as well as by extending a transparent and an indelible ledger to financial partners. More importantly, Tokken implements first-of-its-kind, Know All Customers (KAC) system that extends ongoing access to real-time customer data that includes merchants and consumers.

With our unique system, Tokken has the ability to trace every transaction while keeping users and their information safe and private. By utilizing blockchain technology in combination with our premier data integrity practices, we have created an indelible ledger, safeguarded from tampering and easily referenced. We have the capability to provide this information confidently and quickly, as needed, to any financial institution or regulatory entity.