Business Compliance Verification

Tokken provides due diligence services that collect and monitor the critical data needed to track compliance with jurisdictional rules, laws, and regulations governing cannabis-related businesses.



Due diligence of the highest standards

Tokken’s compliance platform combines financial industry best practices and standards with proprietary technology and unique analytic techniques to promote the growth of the legally compliant cannabis industry.




Verify incorporation information

We verify business customer information against state and federal databases for incorporation, ownership, and tax information to ensure effective compliance risk management and mitigation.



Extensive state and federal database searches

Our comprehensive platform encompasses both federal financial regulations and state specific cannabis laws.



Comply with AML and KYC regulations

Our thorough KYC compliance and anti-fraud procedures include real-time sanctions and watchlist screening, age verification, and extensive open source data searches for accurate customer identification.



Supported Watchlists


US - Bureau of Industry and Security

  • Entity List

  • Denied Persons List

  • Unverified List

US - Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)

  • Specially Designated Nationals List
  • Foreign Sanctions Evaders
  • Palestinian Legislative Council
  • Sectoral Sanctions Identifications
  • Foreign Financial Institutions Subject to Part 561
  • Non-SDN Iranian Sanctions Act

CA - Office of the Superintendent of
Financial Institutions

  • Anti-terrorism financing individuals
  • Anti-terrorism financing entities

US - Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation

  • Nonproliferation Sanctions

US - Directorate of Defense Trade Controls

  • AECA Debarred

US - Central Intelligence Agency

  • Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members

UK - Her Majesty’s Treasury

  • Consolidated list

EU - European External Action Service

  • Consolidated list

AU - Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

  • Consolidated list

UN - United Nations

  • Consolidated list

JP - The Ministry of Economy

  • Foreign End User List

CH - State Secretariat for Economic Affairs

  • Consolidated list

Gestalt Risk Management

Tokken’s platform has been designed from the inception as a banker’s solution to the complex regulatory environment facing Colorado’s cannabis industry.  Our compliance framework and conditional rules have been designed and vetted by experienced regulators.  Tokken leverages relationships with key regulators and technologists to ensure Tokken’s processes and intellectual property represent best-in-class regulatory compliance.  Tokken will provide our partners with Business Intelligence (BI) that will support your financial institution’s regulatory efforts by reporting transaction details as well as highlighting activity that requires special attention.

As a valued partner, your financial institution will have access to our risk monitoring and mitigating system. Such access will enable you to maintain an efficient and comprehensive compliance program. Our analytics platform is modeled on the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) surveillance procedures and built by the Large Bank AML/KYC software developers. In acquiring our system, your institution will be able to obtain previously unavailable data that will fortify your AML and KYC efforts.  Partnering with Tokken enables your financial institution to share in an automated, scalable risk management platform to address the unique aspects of the cannabis industry.